The Brand Called Dayo Olomu
Dayo Olomu is an accomplished motivational speaker, addressing over 100,000 people each year - a coach, business transformation strategist, personal development trainer and best selling author; a study in doggedness and an example of how anyone can overcome adversity to succeed and thus become an inspiration to others.

Born in Islington, North London, and taken to Nigeria when he was two years old, Dayo got an early jolt in life when, barely eight, he lost his father. After that, life became a struggle. His mother, a widow who sold all her personal belongings to send him to school, raised him. He greatly benefited from the bottomless well of her wisdom. From her, he learnt sound moral and spiritual values and the virtue of hard work.

When he was barely 10 years old, he acquired the Omega Replica thirst to achieve from hawking cold drinks and biscuits on the streets of Lagos to support his mother. “The best thing that happened to me was growing up, as they say, on the other side of the tracks, without the privilege of wealthy parents. Anything I wanted, I had to hustle for. Far from a drawback, this was a definite advantage for me.”

At 17, Dayo started his career in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and has had a varied yet interesting career ranging from events co-ordinator, public relations/promotions manager, artiste manager to music promoter. His efforts were rewarded with many national awards.

To conquer poverty, which was his greatest fear when he was growing up; he relocated to London in January 1996 thinking that London's roads are littered with gold and silver. When he arrived, he was shocked to discover that a crook had already stolen his birth certificate and used it to obtain his National Insurance card, credit card, and even opened a bank account. He also discovered he was purportedly married except the crook forgot to invite him. Everywhere he went, he was told somebody was bearing his name. At one stage the authorities did not know who the real Dayo Olomu was.

With a strong desire to succeed backed with action, self belief and his faith, he Omega Replica overcame these obstacles and that little boy who celebrated his 10th birthday at a bus garage in Lagos whose identity was stolen when he came back to live in London is now an Executive/Business Coach; Career & Business Transformation Consultant; HR Practitioner; Success & Winning Strategist; Motivational Speaker; Best Selling Author; Award winning Master of Ceremonies; An agent of positive change; TV Personality and most especially a husband and father.

Dayo, the former CEO & Editor-in-chief of M&M (Music & Movie) Magazine; is the founding President of Croydon Communicators: Public Speaking & Leadership Training; President of African Personal Development Forum; Chair, Lambeth Group, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD) South London and School Governor at Davidson Primary School, Croydon.

He is also the author of numerous articles on the Internet, a faculty member of personal development institutes in United Kingdom, United States and South Africa. He is the best selling author of “4 Indispensable Strategies for Success”, “Dayo Olomu’s Great Quotes for Success and an audio CD, “You Got The Power” which was sent to more than 175 countries by Success University (now World Ventures) in September 2008. His DVD titled “How to Achieve Your Personal & Business Goals” was released in 2009.

Dayo studied Business and Industrial Law at University of Lagos and later graduated with honours from the University of East London with a degree in Business Information Systems and studied Coaching at Newcastle College. He went to University of Greenwich for his post graduate studies and London South Bank University for his Masters degree in Human Resources.

Dayo addresses more than 100,000 people each year on leadership, personal and professional development, management, relationship, goal setting and achieving, strategic planning, time management, and many diverse topics.

Underpinning Dayo’s compelling style is a unique fusion of Nigerian and British culture, which gives his presentations a distinctive edge and enabled him to get his powerful message across to audience with warmth, passion, energy and substance. He travels all over Europe, North America, Africa and United Arab Emirates helping people and businesses achieve extraordinary results, increase performance and profit exponentially.

An abiding passion for adding making a difference, value to lives, growing people and businesses gets him out of Cheap Fake Omega bed far too early every morning.

Listed in the first edition of UK's Who's Who of Black Achievers (published in 1999/2000), Dayo won the Exemplary Nigerian Award for hard work and integrity in 2004 and also bagged the Competent Toastmaster Award from Toastmasters International. In 2006, he bagged both the Advance Toastmaster Bronze and Competent Leader Awards from Toastmasters International. In June 2007, he was named as one of the five most popular Black Speakers in the UK and in 2008 bagged the Advance Communicator Silver Award from Toastmasters International. In 2009, he was bestowed with the Nigeria’s Ambassador of Hope in the Diaspora Award and in 2010 he bagged Male Personality of the Year in UK at Life Changers Awards.

In 2007 he completed Flora London Marathon to raise money Cheap Rolex Replica and create awareness for Leukemia and on 13 April 2008 he completed Flora London Marathon again to create awareness and raise funds for Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospices, the first children’s hospices and respite care facility in Nigeria. In March 2010, Dayo completed the Fleet Half Marathon to create awareness and raised funds for Wish for Africa and in August 2011, he skydived to create awareness and raise funds for Desmond Tutu Foundation.

He lives in Croydon, Surrey, with his wife Sade and children. He enjoys running the marathon, skydiving, and mountain climbing, fire walking, forest walking, board-breaking, bar-bending and most importantly making a difference. His long term goal is to space travel. He says, “Nothing will Cheap Rolex Replica compare to seeing the earth from space”.

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