My Values, Mission, Vision & Legacy

  1. My purpose in life is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the world, to serve God, to transform lives and connect people to their destiny.
  2. My passion is adding value to lives, helping to grow people, productivity, performance and profit.
  3. My core belief is that we are all endowed with the seeds of greatness.
  4. My fulfilment is seeing the results of my principles and strategies being transformed into people’s lives.
  5. My new work in Africa is to help increase the level of human capital in the continent, increase the number of business leaders & entrepreneurs; develop effective communicators & public speakers; help people to conquer fear, to stop procrastination, to believe in themselves, and to take action so that they can become the person they are destined to be.
  6. My core values which underpin everything I do revolve around 5Fs: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fairness and Friendship.
  7. My motto is if you want to obtain something you've never had in your life, you most be ready to do things you've never done before in your life.
  8. My philosophy is to treat people not as I would like to be treated but to treat them as they wish to be treated according to their individual needs and to avoid making assumptions.
  9. My brand value is to offer value for money, quality products and services with an element of fun.
  10. My mission is to inspire and empower people and organisations to reach higher levels of achievement and peak performance.
  11. My Long term goal is to help 1 billion people around the world to achieve their goals by 2020.
  12. My vision is to become a leading global brand in the personal development industry and business building industry.
  13. My legacy is, when I get to the end of my life, I want to know that my life counted for something, that long after I have left this world, somehow my impact lived on. I want to know that I have done all that I could to make this world a better place, by positively enhancing the lives of those around me and helping thousands, if not millions, to become who they desire to be and achieve what they thought was impossible. I want to know that I gave everything my best shot. I want it to be on record that I maximised my potential and stretched myself to the limit. Most importantly I want to know that I serve God and that I am a good husband and father.
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