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Dayo Olomu

What DAYO does

Dr Dayo Olomu, an agent of positive change

Dr Dayo Olomu is a leading human capital development and business transformation strategist based in London, United Kingdom. He is an accomplished inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, award-winning event host and bestselling author.

He is the chairman of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) South London; Member, the board of directors of Southwark Diocesan Board of Education and Founder, Dayo Olomu Foundation for Leadership, Mentoring, Youth Empowerment & the Less Privileged.

Easily considered one of the most influential Africans in the UK, his call to human empowerment takes him across Europe and America as one of the world’s most sought-after engagers. Articulate and intellectually irrepressible to the point of scintillating brilliance, Dr Olomu’s uniquely engaging style has profoundly endeared him to the over 150,000 people he addresses each year on personal and professional development, achieving peak performance, wealth creation, success, motivation, networking, mentoring, management, relationship, personal success, customer service and goal-setting. His books are bestsellers amongst the African community in the UK and America.

Deploying a candid passion to his energetic and highly inspirational presentations, his compelling style has achieved a unique blend of Nigerian and British cultures, in the process presenting him as a man with a distinctively oratorical edge that accords him the unequivocal privilege of delivering his powerful messages with enthusiasm, warmth and panache.

Conscientiously justifying his own words, cast in marble, “My fulfilment is in seeing the results of my principles and strategies transforming people’s lives”, Dr Olomu traverses Europe, North America, Africa and the United Arab Emirates impacting positively on professionals and businesses, and encouraging them to achieve extraordinary results, increased performance, and to profit exponentially.

An abiding passion for making a positive difference in the world; nurturing people, supporting entrepreneurs, transforming businesses, developing transformational leaders and helping clients to achieve an extraordinary result gets him out of bed every morning. His experience of interacting with people for over two decades has led him to discover that if we help people to see themselves as they can be, not as they are; then the way they think, the way they feel and the way they act will eventually be altered, resulting in achieving optimum performance.

Dr Olomu who has been mentoring Africans in the Diaspora since 1996 is listed in the first edition of UK’s Who is Who of Black Achievers published in 2000. He has won many accolades for his exploits on the global speaking circuit and his contributions in the African Diaspora Community.

Dayo Olomu

Dayo Olomu started as a Black Mentor for Southwark Council in 1997, where he mentored young people to gain self-confidence and value education. Since then, he has mentored many people who are now thriving in their career and business.

 Dayo Olomu has also turned his exemplary selfless service of enhancing professional lives into that of a philanthropist; donating his time and career in service to a less privileged society.

An admirer of giving back attitude, Olomu in recognition of human responsibilities, interconnection and interrelations, volunteered and completed the Flora London Marathon to raise money and create awareness for Leukaemia in 2007, and in April 2008 he completed the Flora London Marathon again to create awareness and raise funds for Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospices, the first children’s hospice and respite care facility in Nigeria.

Dayo Olomu
Dayo Olomu
Dayo Olomu

My Purpose, Goal, Vision, Values, Philosophy & Legacy

My Creed

I believe…

That FAITH in God is the most important thing in life, and that makes a critical difference in all I attempt to achieve.

That having a healthy FAMILY life is very important because family is the bedrock of society; that there is nothing more important than a healthy, united family.

That FITNESS and health are the foundation of wealth. It is essential to keep fit physically, intellectually and emotionally.

That FRIENDSHIP is vital because no man is an island sufficient to himself. Our lives are interconnected and our world a complex network of relationships. A collaborative effort is the core of our heritage.

 That FINANCE is essential because it helps people and organisations to achieve their goals, that the key to financial happiness is spending less than I earn and that I should be a good and faithful steward of the financial resources God has placed at my disposal.

 That I should have clarity of FOCUS, vision, goals, dreams, and what is most important to me in life. I should focus on them and minimise distractions.

 That I should have FUN, enjoy life, feel alive and be the best person I can be.

 That I should FULFIL and live my life on purpose, with balance and leave this world a better place than I found it.

 My purpose in life is to use my creativity, skills, talents, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the world, to serve God, transform lives and connect people to their destiny.

My statement of purpose:

Through consulting, speaking, training, coaching, mentoring and writing, I desire to make a positive difference in the world, create momentum in people’s lives by taking them from good to high and helping my clients to grow their people, performance and profits exponentially.

Dayo Olomu

My professional mission statement

To be a thought leader in developing authentic, inspirational and transformational leaders who can translate vision into action with the help of others. My passion is adding value to lives, helping to grow people and helping organisations to increase productivity, performance and profit.


Dayo Olomu

My core belief is that we are all endowed with the seeds of greatness. My fulfilment is seeing the results of my principles and strategies for transforming people’s lives. My core values, which underpin everything I do, revolve around 5Fs: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fairness and Friendship. My FACE values (aka my professional values) which drive my business are Fairness, Agility, Courage and Excellence. My brand value is to offer value for money and quality products/services with fun and passion. I want my brand to incorporate innovation, be cutting edge, with class, style, panache, integrity, endurance, agility, tenacity, modernity and a can-do attitude. I want my intensity, anything-is-possible and pragmatic approach to inspire others. My view of national development is to make our country great; we have a role to play, starting with doing something in the community where we live.


Dayo Olomu

My motto is that if you want to obtain something you have never had in your life, you must be ready to do things you have never done before in your life. My philosophy is to treat people not as I would like to be treated but to treat them as they wish to be treated according to their individual needs and to avoid making assumptions. My professional mission, therefore, is to inspire and empower people and organisations to reach higher levels of achievement and peak performance. “To motivate and inspire 1,000,000 people and/or organisations per year to higher levels of achievement and peak performance by providing information, tips, tools and strategies through speaking, seminar, writing, training, mentoring and coaching.” My mission is to give people a broader vision of themselves beyond their mental state and current circumstances. To help people achieve their full potential, I want to be a catalyst of hope and an agent of positive change. We may not know what the future will bring, but we are responsible for what we bring to the future. .

Dayo Olomu

My work in Africa is to help increase the level of human capital in the continent, increase the number of business leaders and entrepreneurs; develop effective communicators and public speakers; help people to conquer fear, to stop procrastination, to believe in themselves and to take action so they can become the persons they will be. My areas of genius are speaking, training, human resources, organisational development, public relations, coaching, consulting, writing, mentoring and TV presentations. I do these things efficiently and well, and when I do them in a focused way, they are the things I get paid for the most. My goal is for all areas of my life to blossom like the tree tendered by the side of the river. The sum is greater than the parts. My legacy is, when I get to the end of my life, I want to know that my life counted for something, that long after I am gone, somehow my impact will live on. I want to know that I have done all that I could to make this world a better place, by positively enhancing the lives of those around me and helping thousands, if not millions, become whom they desire to be and achieve what they thought was impossible. I want to know that I gave everything my best shot. I maximised my potentials and stretched myself to the limit. I served God, and I was a good husband and father.

difference in the world, create momentum in people’s lives by taking them from good to high and helping my clients to grow their people, performance and profits exponentially

Dayo Olomu